How To Cook Sizzling Steak?

How To Cook Sizzling Steak On A Gas Grill?

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Despite tons of way for a delicious, juicy streak, there is still a secret about grilling the food that just feels right.

If your grilled steak is done well, it could hold the fast, tasty and mouthwatering results every time you try.

With this simple instruction, you will know how to cook sizzling steak and a well cooked steak on your gas grill would be well served. So, let’s turn up the heat, defrost your meat and ready for a tasty treat!

The Items You’ll Need To Cook Your Succulent Steak…

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Well-Qualified Steak — It is great to start your steak dinner with a delicious slice of meat; therefore, do not scrimp and buy meat from the butcher shop. Steaks of the top grade should be your best bet, as top range cuts, like rib eyes and porterhouses, should also be juicy and flavorful.

Choosing oil for cooking — Coating both side of your steak with a thin layer of cooking oil – vegetable, canola or olive oil are more preferred – would boost the flavor and prevent the meat from grill sticking situation.

Your Favorite level of Spiceness — Seasonings the meat after oiling it and before flipping it on the gadget would bring a tasty and fancy flavor to your dish. In some case, the traditional mixture of smashed black pepper and sea salt. Now, your steak is phenomenon.

Tongs — Using your tongs, you could flip the meat and move it around while grilling. Having your cooking steak punctured unnecessarily with a fork or knife would wastes its natural juices.

Meat Thermometer — As you have know this much, do not ruin your dish by undercooking or overcooking it! A trustworthy meat thermometer will let you know the exact moment your steak reaches your preferred level of doneness.

How to Cook Sizzling Steak On A Gas Grill In 5 Steps…

How To Cook Sizzling Steak
How To Cook Sizzling Steak

Step 1: Make sure that your meat is well-prepared Grab every ingredient you need and put it in one place; thus, you could pay attention on your grill once it was on. This also means your steak has to be defrost in room temperature. Keep your grill pre-heat with high temperature and make sure the lid must be closed. Your grill would need about 20 – 30 minutes to be pre-heat, though it could be different from each model. Step 2: Salt Your Steak for Perfect taste… As you are softly dabbing the steaks, it would become drier as the water is absorb into paper towel. Dip in the meat so there would be a thin layer of cooking oil on both side of the meat, then sprinkling the spices over the meat! Step 3: Grill the Steak as desire… Your steaks would be put on the grill. If your grill is not pre-heated enough, there would be a beautiful sizzle sounds. Leave it for about five minutes, then flip the meat with your tongs. Base on the thickness of your steak and your favorite way of cooking, you could start to adjust the internal heat with the meat temperature within eight minutes after being hit by the grill. And for the wondering related to how hot the steak should be….. Just follow the rule as 125 degree for rare meat, 140 for medium rare and 155 for a well-done steak. Once the optimal temperature was hit, the meat should be moved from the grill on to your serving dishes with the tongs. Step 4: After being cooked, the meat should be left for rest…. For a tempting cut which leave a beautiful cut steak right when you eat, the piece of meat is necessary to rest. Right after coming off the grill, your steak actually still keeps being cooked. Thought the waiting time is excruciating, it is also the time for receding the steak’s juices back to the center of the meat – right the place it has to be for a perfect bite. Step 5: Your dish is well-served! Just wait for about six or seven resting minutes, your steak is ready… Take up your knife and enjoy!


Grilling Steak Tips and Tricks…

No matter you believe or not, those five easy steps are barely the basic of anything you need to learn for steak cooking with grill. For those backyard gourmands looking though, in order to add an additional level of flair as it would fire up the grills, below are some extra hints… Tip 1: Cold meat should not be cooked! As being advised in Step 1, it should be restated: The steak needs to be left in room temperature before the grilling process. If you cook the steak which has just been taken out from the fridge or freeze, there would be a situation that the outside would be cooked faster than the inside. This situation leads to a charred exterior or undercooked interior; therefore, whatever you want, remenmber to take time and let your steaks warm up before cooking so it could be cooked evenly. Tip 2: Cook With high temperature, Not With Fire… Remember not to put your steak right onto the flames on your grill. The fat drippings down from the cooking steaks could be the reason for flare-up flames, which caused your meat to be over burned. Tip 3: Testing your food with the tongs…. In the case that you can not patiently wait for stabbing the steak with thermometer, the tongs could tell you the meat’s doneness by gently pressing down on the meat. Normally, the rarer the meat, the more touch it has. Nevertheless, for the consumption safety temperature, the final result from a meat thermometer is the most important Tip 4: You should patiently wait…. If you keep flipping the steak during grilling time, it would lengthen the cooking time for the meat to be cooked through. Moreover, it could also possibly cause the unevenly cooked situation to the steak It is not a steak grilling race, there is no reason for lengthening the period by needless tossing. Tip 5: Wrapping your steak with foil… You might want to cover your resting meat with a loose layer of foil as it would help to maintain the heat in the meat. Furthermore, if you wish to have a perfectly juicy bites, a resting period with a few additional minutes from the precious time for cooking is truly necessary.


In The End…

It is not difficult grilling the perfect steak, it is difficult to find a ‘right’ method for how to cook sizzling steak.

And the special treat of fantastic steak shall not be grilled carelessly.

Luckily, being a Michelin acquired chef is not what you need for finding a proper gas grilling steak method….

You’ll be served the mouthwatering steaks from your gas grill in no time with the right type of meat, enough training, and these 5 quick steps!

In the case that you are desperately looking for a grilling method that would not ruin the great steak that you are holding.

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…and help you out as you are desire for mouthwatering steaks dishes for yourself, your family, and your friends!

Keep you safe, set the fire and enjoy!

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