Grilling Chicken

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Grilling Chicken: From Breast Fillet To Chicken Thighs

Grilling chicken is a very special treat because it is tender and juicy and crispy on the outside at the same time. We explain how each part, from whole grilled chicken to breast fillet, becomes a poem.

Most people now know that particular caution is always required with poultry, because: Poultry is often infected with Salmonella or Campylobacter bacteria. That’s why you shouldn’t wash chicken before preparing it, because the splashed water could spread bacteria on the work surfaces. Also, make sure that the meat does not come into contact with other foods when raw and clean all surfaces and bowls thoroughly after preparation.

Then nothing stands in the way of barbecuing chicken! We explain how and, above all, how long you should leave the different pieces of chicken on the grill and which marinade grilled chicken tastes best with.

Grilling chicken legs: The perfect chicken wings

Grilling chicken legs: the perfect chicken wings

Cooking time for chicken legs: 15 to 25 minutes over medium heat

Chicken parts such as chicken legs or chicken wings should either be rubbed with oil and spices or marinated before grilling so that they stay juicy on the grill and do not burn.

In addition, the chicken legs do not stick to the grate so quickly when prepared. If you still want to use as little oil as possible, you can also coat the grill grate with oil.

Grilling chicken breast: The perfect fillet

Cooking time for chicken breasts: 15-20 minutes over medium heat

Chicken breast also tastes good fried, but only on the grill does it get that unique smoke aroma that we love so much. The very dry heat of the grill also ensures a perfect crust. So that the meat does not dry out on the thin edges while it is not done in the middle, it is best to plate the chicken breast fillet before placing it on the wire rack.

The ultimate grill tip: grill the chicken breast for about two to three minutes on each side in the middle of the rack and then continue cooking on indirect heat on the edge of the grill so that it stays as juicy as possible.

Grilling whole chicken: The perfect grilled chicken

Cooking time for a whole chicken: 50 – 60 minutes

Do you want to grill a whole chicken? If you have a kettle grill (or a large grill with a hood), that’s no problem either. So that the chicken does not tip over in the grill and browns evenly on all sides, you can put it on a roast chicken or alternatively on a half-empty beer can (it really works!).

The right marinade for chicken Do you want your chicken to be juicy and tasty on the inside and really crispy on the outside? The easiest way to do this is with the right marinade (which also adds new flavors to the whole thing). As long as the meat is still raw, it absorbs aromas particularly well, which is why you should immerse chicken breast fillets in a marinade for a few hours before grilling, which are often less juicy on the grill than parts of the chicken that are richer in fat.

How long does the chicken have to be on the grill? how long to grill chicken breast

Cooking times at moderate heat (170-180 °C):

  • Chicken wings and legs: 15 – 25 minutes (large legs up to 35 minutes)
  • Boneless chicken breast: 15-20 minutes
  • Chicken breast (on the bone): 30-35 minutes
  • Whole chicken: 50-60 minutes

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